How We Operate

Reliable Booking Guarantee

Hemenkal is with you from the reservation stage to the end of your holiday. The payments you make, your reservation and your holiday are under the guarantee of not only the host but also Hemenkal.

If, despite pre-specifying your arrival time to the host after booking for your vacation, and your arrival times complying with the check-in rules, you are unable to access the property within 4 hours due to host-related reasons or if the reserved property does not meet the specified features on (such as location, room count, bed count, essential amenities, etc.), you will receive a 100% refund. Of course, we will mobilize all our connections and provide you with the necessary support to ensure your vacation continues seamlessly from where you left off, here at Hemenkal.

Reliable Information Guarantee

Your requests for houses are directed directly to the hosts. Thus, you will receive real and accurate information directly from the host himself.

Reliable Host Guarantee

All home suppliers in the system are checked by meeting one by one to ensure that our guests have a wonderful and memorable stay and have the best care.

Home Comfort Guarantee

For you to reach the comfort of your home, kitchen, bathroom, independent living room and bedroom conditions are sought in all houses added to Hemenkal.

Clean Home Guarantee

Certain cleaning standards are requested from suppliers in our homes. When you think that the house you are staying in is not clean, your house will be cleaned again immediately. The supplier and his home are under observation so that this situation does not happen again.

Reliable Results Guarantee

The information and service quality is directly controlled by the parties by interpreting and scoring the Home, Host and Customers mutually.