Hemenkal.com User Terms of Service

These terms of service contain important information about your legal rights and solutions, please read carefully. You agree to abide by and be bound by these conditions when making a reservation on Hemenkal.com and using our systems.

1. Definitions
“Hemenkal” Hemenkal Information. Trade Ltd. Şti., the website where the tenant and the supplier meet for rental.

“Supplier” refers to the home suppliers who sell the rental service through Hemenkal.

“Tenant” refers to the person or institutions that rent a house from the supplier over immediately.

“Rental” means each separate stay of the Tenant in a house belonging to the Supplier for a certain period of time.

“Rental Fee” means the fee determined by the Supplier for each separate rental.

“Service Fee” means the fee that Hemenkal will receive from the supplier or the lessee in return for each rental transaction made through Hemenkal.

“Instant Reservation” refers to the rentals made by receiving online payment without asking the Supplier within the framework of the rules administered by the Supplier over Hemenkal.

2. Scope of Hemankal Services
Hemenkal is an online marketplace that brings together tenants and suppliers. Suppliers offer their homes to tenants using immediate systems. Tenants can list the houses on Hemenkal and communicate directly with the suppliers by using the Hemenkal.com systems for the houses they are interested in. Tenants purchase the rental service from the supplier by paying the rental fees and service fees of the houses they want to rent, through Hemenkal. The rental costs are transferred to the Supplier by Hemankal with the payment methods to be determined by the supplier.

Hemenkal is not the owner, supplier, controller, provider of any house published on Hemenkal, nor is it the preparer of any holiday packages. Only the Suppliers of the respective house are responsible for each house posted on the Hemenkal systems. When the supplier and the lessee accept a rental reservation, they come to an agreement directly with each other. Hemenkal is not a party to this agreement. Hemenkal is an online marketplace where only the Tenant and the Supplier meet and mediate the start of the rental service and receive a service fee in return.

Although we can help solve the problems and the existence of all suppliers added to the system is confirmed by our staff over the phone, Hemenkal does not have any control or guarantee regarding the existence, quality, safety, suitability of the houses, the accuracy of the house information, the evaluations of the hosts, and their contents.

3. Eligibility, Use of Instant Systems and Membership Approval
You must be 18 years of age to become a member of Hemenkal systems.

To access some of the features of Hemenkal, you need to register as a member. To become a member, you must have an e-mail account. You will complete the membership registration by confirming the information you have entered through immediately through your e-mail address. When making your membership registration, you must fill in your information accurately and completely.

You should not open more than one membership account.

It is your responsibility to protect your Hemenkal membership login information. If you think that your information has been stolen or used by someone else, you should immediately contact Kal.

4. Content
Hemenkal provides suppliers with interfaces where they can enter and update their home information, photos, fees and payment methods. Suppliers are fully responsible for the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information and photos they enter, update or approve through these interfaces. Hemenkal is not responsible for the differences, omissions and inaccuracies in this information.

Content belonging to Hemenkal and its Suppliers are protected by international intellectual property rights. These contents, images cannot be reproduced in any way and cannot be used on other platforms.

5. Booking Flow
a)    The tenant can create a reservation inquiry by through the website or calling the Hemenkal call center.
b)    For reservations made through the call center, Hemenkal sales representatives ensure the communication between the Tenant and the Supplier until the last stage. The reservation is completed by sending the payment link and receiving the payment of the Tenant.
c)    For reservations made through the website, supplier confirms the reservation details and  system sends a "payment link" to the Tenant to complete the rental process over the Hemenkal system.
d)    If the supplier wishes, he can open his home to “Instant Booking”. In this case, the tenants can make the reservation without an extra confirmation from the supplier.
e)    By paying the prepayment or all of the Rental Fee and, if any, the entire Service Fee, the Tenant confirms his reservation. The Service Fee is included in the price to be paid by the tenant and is not shown separately.
f)    The supplier is instantly informed via sms and e-mail regarding the realization of the reservation.
g)    All conversations made by e-mail or telephone are recorded. The Supplier and the Tenant cannot in any way attract the customer to a payment platform other than Hemenkal and accepts that the entire reservation flow will continue through Hemenkal.
h)    When the Tenant receives an e-mail from Hemenkal regarding the approval of the rental transaction, they are deemed to have made a legal agreement between the Supplier and the Tenant, depending on the rules, eligibility, cancellation and payment policies specified in the description of the house in Hemenkal.

6. After the Reservation is Finalized
After the reservation is finalized, the contact information of the tenant is sent to the supplier, and the information of the supplier is sent to the tenant via e-mail. This information is also shown to the parties on the relevant screens after logging in to Hemenkal. After this stage, the parties can talk through other communication channels for arrival details and details.

Hemenkal is responsible for the information presented in its own system and the details of the reservation made through its own system. Hemenkal is not responsible for the information given from external conversations that are not recorded on Hemenkal.

The tenant can stay in the rented house without making any additional payments, except for the damage deposit, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled. Services that are added with the agreement of the parties, such as extra cleaning, outside of the Hemenkal platform, do not legally bind Hemenkal. The parties resolve the realization and payment of these services among themselves.

7. Refusal to Accept or Cancel Reservation
For reservations made with the "Instant Reservation" option, the supplier may reject the reservation within 24 hours of receiving the reservation information, by stating a reason. If the supplier wishes to cancel the reservation immediately for reservations made with demand flow, and after 24 hours for reservations made with "Instant Reservation", only the necessary payments can be canceled with the approval of immediatelykal, provided that the necessary precautions are taken in order to prevent damage to the tenant.

8. Tenant Cancellation Penalty
For reservations made with prepayment or full payment, payments made for cancellations made more than 3 months before the check-in date are fully refunded. Payments made for cancellations made less than 3 months before the check-in date are not refunded. In the cancellations made less than 15 days before the check-in date, the Tenant is obliged to pay the remaining balance, except for force majeure..

The Tenant accepts, declares and undertakes that the deductions and other expenses to be applied by the banks during the refund payment will not be collected from Direkkal and these payments will be deducted from them.

9. Change in Reservation
If the tenant wishes to make changes to his confirmed reservation, his request is forwarded to the supplier. The change takes place based on the supplier's approval. If an additional payment is required due to the change, it is collected through the system. If there will be a refund due to the change, the refund will be deducted from the balance to be paid at check-in.

10. Evaluation of Supplier, Houses and Tenant
Any communication made by the supplier regarding the tenant is programmatically inspected and evaluated with criteria such as time and accuracy. In addition, before and after booking, the tenant is asked to evaluate the house and supplier at every step. In the light of all these evaluations, the supplier and the house score are determined separately and published openly in the Hemenkal systems. The Tenant or the Supplier cannot include insulting or defamatory statements in the evaluations made.

After the reservation is completed, the tenant's evaluation is requested via e-mail from the supplier and entered through the Hemenkal interface. These evaluations and scores are only shown to suppliers from whom the tenant requests rentals.

11. Tenant Issues and Refunds
If the tenant encounters the following problems during or just before the stay, a refund is made.

Inability to enter the house within 4 hours due to reasons originating from the supplier, even though the customer has specified the arrival time in advance and the arrival times are in accordance with the checkin rules.

The house does not have the features specified in Hemenkal (location, number of rooms, number of beds, basic amenities, etc...)

In order for the above-mentioned reasons to be valid, the situation must be proven by the tenant and/or 3rd parties, and Hemenkal must be informed within a maximum of 12 hours from the entrance. In all cases, it is ensured that the tenant and the supplier agree first and the situation is resolved. If it cannot be resolved and the tenant is right, a full refund is made to the tenant and this amount is collected from the supplier.

Except for these reasons, the customer will not be refunded.

12. Damage Status and Damage Deposit
It is your responsibility to leave the home you rent as a tenant in the condition it was in when you checked in (including any personal or other property in the Accommodation). While at home, you are responsible for the acts and omissions of yourself and the people you invite to the home (except those invited by the Supplier or the supplier).

If the supplier claims that you or your guests have damaged his home or property and provides proof, he may demand payment from you. If you have made a damage deposit prior to entry, they may deduct the damage deposit. In such cases, Hemenkal has no responsibility or contribution other than the evaluation of the tenant and the supplier.

13. Rights and Obligations
a)    Tenants are responsible for transmitting the information of the persons who will stay to the Supplier prior to the rental process approval. Changes to be made after the reservation is confirmed must be communicated to the Supplier and its approval must be obtained.
b)    The tenant is obliged to comply with the rules and restrictions specified in the description of the house.
c)    The Tenant and the Supplier cannot hold Hemenkal responsible for the acts they have undertaken against each other in relation to the lease agreement or the agreement they may sign externally. Hemenkal is not a party to the said usage agreement or any agreement they will sign externally.
d)    A confirmed reservation (rental) is the granting of a license by the Supplier to the Tenant to enter the house between the specified dates, stay and use it in accordance with the determined rules in accordance with the mutual agreement.
e)    With this specification, you agree to leave the house you rented before the departure time determined by the Supplier. If you continue to stay at home after the date and time determined by the Supplier, your stay-at-home license will become invalid and the Supplier may force you to leave the home within the prescribed laws.
f)    The Home will be primarily used only by the Tenant and the persons accompanying it and specified to the Supplier. The tenant cannot rent the house to anyone other than himself in any way, and cannot charge a fee for it.
g)    Hemenkal does not act as an arbitrator or arbitrator in disputes that may arise between the Tenant and the Supplier, but acts as a mediator in solving their problems by bringing the parties together in good faith. Temizkal may refrain from performing the said activity if it wishes. Immediately, it cannot be shown as a party to the dispute.
h)    Hemenkal cannot be held responsible for the information, statements and assessments made by the Tenant and the Supplier regarding their transactions and relations with the immediate system.
i)    The tenant is obliged to keep confidential information such as password, password, membership codes allocated to them from immediately. Hemenkal cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise from the acquisition of this information by third parties.
j)     Houses must be kept clean, well-maintained, in accordance with the conditions in the Advertisement and in accordance with the minimum features that will give the expected benefit in line with the usual and intended use by the Supplier, and must be published in the Advertisement with these characteristics. The deficiencies, faults and defects in the House must be explained in the Advertisement in an equitable manner and with statements reflecting the truth. In the event that the Tenant suffers any damage due to the deficiencies, faults and defects in the House, Hemenkal will not be liable for this damage.
k)    Hemenkal may give warnings to the Supplier regarding the elimination of inconsistencies and may suspend or cancel the membership if the warnings are not heeded.